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May 23, 2022

11 Romantic Room Ideas to Make You Say Ooh La La

From the dining room to the living room and beyond, these romantic room ideas will transform your space from workday to romantic getaway.

From the dining room to the living room and beyond, these romantic room ideas will transform your space from workday to romantic getaway.

Whether you’re ready to flirt with a new interior design style or want to turn your home into a starry-eyed escape for you and your real-life love, your home decor can set the tone. All it takes is a few romantic room ideas to transform your space from workday to romantic getaway.

From the sweet caress of satiny fabrics to lighting that’s as soft as a kiss, you can create a romantic atmosphere in any room in your house — because romance shouldn’t be relegated to the bedroom (although we have plenty of romantic bedroom ideas to help in that department). Romance happens in intimate conversations over the dining room table, long cuddles on the couch, and loving glances in the living room.

You can infuse a romantic feeling into every room in your house by simply looking around and thinking about how you share the space with your loved one. Add a little ambiance to every corner with these romantic room ideas.

11 Romantic Room Ideas That Will Have You Feeling the Love

Whether your idea of romance involves boho decor that helps you escape to an exotic locale or French Country style that transports you back to a simpler time, you can use these ideas to add a romantic vibe no matter your room design.

1. A Romantic Color Palette

Your color scheme can define your space as soft and sweet or moody and passionate. For a romantic French Country or shabby chic design, combine soft pastels with crisp white. For a more modern or bohemian space, choose rich jewel tones like emerald, amethyst, teal, or garnet.

2. A Velvet Headboard

Romantic room ideas: Formosa Platform Bedroom Set with Oval Nightstand Camel

Create a dramatic focal point in your master bedroom with a velvet headboard. The soft but weighty texture adds glamor to any space.

This versatile romantic bedroom decor idea works with any interior design style. For a Victorian-style room, choose a dramatic arched headboard with button tufting, like the Antonella Upholstered Tufted Bed. For an Art Deco home, opt for a wide channel-tufted headboard, like the Formosa Upholstered Bed with Wing Wall Panels. For a modern home, look for a clean silhouette and a moody dark velvet fabric, like the Alderwood Upholstered Panel Bed.

3. A Plush Bedspread

Fabrics are some of the easiest and least expensive room decorations to update, and they have a strong impact (or perhaps, an extra-soft impact) on the feel of the room. Use your bedspread to create a romantic shabby chic feel by choosing faded florals and ruffles. Opt for traditional style with tailored satin bedding. Or keep things modern with a dark velvet or linen bedspread.

4. An Excessive Amount of Throw Pillows

Become the meme about too many throw pillows. Stack those pillows up, dive into them, and be surrounded by downy softness. Yes, you may need to kick some of the pillows off your bed in the evening and put them back in the morning, but you will always have exactly the pillow you need to get comfortable.

5. A Faux Fur Throw

Contrasting textures make your room design feel more interesting and inviting. They whisper, “Make yourself comfortable. Stay awhile.” The natural appearance of faux fur offers a luxurious contrast to soft linen or smooth satin, and it fits with any design style that embraces natural materials, from Scandi style to transitional design to organic modern decor.

6. A Dramatic Canopy Bed

Betony Twin Canopy Bed White

A four-poster bed, like the Betony Canopy Bed, instantly elevates any bedroom design. You can use the canopy to drape a gossamer fabric or hang fairy lights, or you can wrap the canopy in faux vines and flowers to create your own romantic fairyland.

7. An Accent Chair for Two

Romantic room ideas: Destino Cushion Back Power Recliner Midnight Blue

Even cozier than a loveseat, an accent chair with an extra-large seat, like the Destino Cushioned Back Power Recliner, has enough room for two as long as cuddling is on the agenda. Choose an ultra-comfortable chair, and you and your love will want to spend hours in each other’s arms (and in the sweet embrace of feather-down filled cushions).

8. A Cozy Breakfast Nook

Romantic room ideas: Oswego Round Bistro Dining Table Bronze

Even if you need a large dining room table for your family meals, carving out a corner for a breakfast nook can let you share more intimate meals with your love. Add a bistro table that’s just big enough for two to keep this space exclusive. On special occasions, you can top it with candlesticks and a scattering of rose petals.

9. A Wine Rack

Slater 2-drawer Kitchen Island with Drop Leaves Brown and Buttermilk

If French is the language of love, then French wine is surely the beverage of love. Keep it close by adding a hutch with a wine rack to your dining room, living room, or kitchen. You’ll be ready to sip red wine under the moonlight on special evenings or whenever the mood strikes you.

Store your wine in the Slater 2-Drawer Kitchen Island to match your French Country style, in the Parkins Server to match your traditional style home, or in this Wine Cabinet With 2 Sliding Doors to match your mid-century modern design.

10. A Lot of Flattering Uplighting

Here’s a short and sweet lesson in interior lighting: There are two basic types of light — uplight and downlight. Downlight is the type of light you get from a desk lamp. It points downward and brightly lights whatever is below it. Downlighting is task lighting. It’s for getting things done, and it’s not very romantic.

Uplighting points upwards and gives the whole room a soft, dewy glow. Traditional sconces, crystal chandeliers, and candelabras provided uplighting — so do some floor lamps, like this floor lamp with a frosted shade. Uplighting is sexy, and it sets a tone. When you’re trying to create a romantic feeling, you want uplighting. Add a dimmer switch so you can turn the lights down low anytime you’re in the mood.

Table lamps and bedside lamps typically provide both up and downlight, making them up-down lights. But some table lamp designs will direct the light upwards similar to a sconce or the floor lamp linked above.

11. A Collection of Dreamy Wall Decor

Whether you choose Victorian needlepoint roses, a painted female silhouette, or black and white photography of a rainy day in Paris, your wall decor will complete the look of your romantic room. Choose something that you find soft and sweet, or select pieces that are sensual and a little bit edgy. When you find a piece of art that makes you feel something, you’ll know it’s the right choice for your romantic decor.

Fall in Love With Your Space

Lit candles beside books and flowers

A romantic space has a lot of the same elements as a romantic movie. There’s drama — in the form of an oversized headboard or accent chair. There’s cinematic lighting — thanks to a crystal chandelier and candlelight. And there’s longing — like all the pieces of furniture and room decor you’re longing for right now.

To find the right romantic touches for your home, keep our 11 romantic room ideas in mind as you plan your redesign. Then, head out to a local Coaster Furniture store to shop in person.

Not only is shopping local a romantic notion, but it also helps you get an idea of the scale and quality of the pieces you buy. You can make sure that every item looks just as good in person as it does in the pictures — because there’s nothing less romantic than showing up for a date and discovering that the person looks nothing like their photo.

So, get out there, and design the romantic room of your dreams.

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Destino Cushion Back Power Recliner Midnight Blue

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