August 1, 2021

9 room organization ideas for a clean, kid-friendly space

Ready for a clutter-free space that the kids still love? These simple room organization ideas will help you (and your kids) create a fun and tidy area.

Ready for a clutter-free space that the kids still love? These simple room organization ideas will help you (and your kids) create a fun and tidy area.

For such tiny humans, kids sure know how to make a big mess. But even if your little ones haven’t mastered the art of picking up, you can still reclaim some cleanliness with these simple room organization ideas

From decluttering a room to finding a space for every little knick and knack, these ideas will help you organize your home, carve out extra storage space, and keep your kids’ stuff confined to its assigned spot (at least, most of the time). 

And since reorganizing can be a big job, don’t do it alone. We also have tips for getting the kids involved. Even toddlers can lend a little hand and start learning about organization early.

9 room organization ideas for kids’ spaces

These ideas and organization tips will help you clear away the clutter so you can stress less in your home. Enlist help from the whole family to make the job go faster, and get the kids invested in the project.

1. Do some spring cleaning 

We know. Spring cleaning probably isn’t your idea of fun. But once it’s done, it’ll be much easier to organize your space — partially because there will be less stuff, and partially because you will have done some mental inventory and categorization during the decluttering process. 

Teach your kids to be minimalists by having them sit with you and go through all of their possessions one-by-one. For each item, ask these questions: Do you need it? Do you still use it? Does it make you happy? If they answer yes to any of the three, they can keep the item. 

Kids grow out of their clothes quickly, so ask them to try on any of the clothes they want to keep to make sure they still fit. 

2. Add under bed storage 

room organization ideas: Caroline Twin Storage Bed Metallic Lilac and Grey

Most kids have small bedrooms. When you combine that with their many toys, every inch of space becomes essential real estate — including the floor space under the bed. To keep those under-the-bed messes at bay, add storage bins or look for a bed frame with drawers like the Caroline Twin Storage Bed to carve out extra room for toys, seasonal clothes, or shoes. Let your kids decide which of their items should live under the bed. Then, spend time helping them organize.

3. Create a DIY headboard from bookcases 

10-shelf Bookcase Weathered Grey

Bookcases are the big shots of storage — few furniture pieces offer more added space, and because these items mostly take up vertical space, it’s easy to fit them into any room. 

This easy DIY project is one of our favorite bedroom organization ideas. Find a bookcase that’s a similar width as your child’s bed, and use it in place of a headboard. This 10-shelf bookcase is a similar width to a twin-size bed. Just make sure to secure it to the wall in case your kids get rambunctious and decide to climb their furniture. 

If you have older kids, they can help you attach their bookcase headboard to the wall. But if your kids are younger, hand them a few storage baskets to organize while you do the installation. Place the baskets on the shelves once your project is complete. 

4. Place a storage bench at the foot of the bed 

room organization ideas: 2-basket Upholstered Accent Bench Brown and Natural

This classic storage idea can squeeze into the couple extra feet at the foot of your kid’s bed. A storage bench is a versatile solution for a kids’ room. It can be a toy box, shoe rack, or out-of-season clothes storage.

Try this two-basket upholstered accent bench for a compact piece that will serve as an extra seat and fit neatly at the foot of a twin-size bed.

5. Squeeze in some corner shelves

5-shelf Wave-like Corner Bookcase Cappuccino

This storage solution takes advantage of the often small gap between the end of your furniture and the corner of your wall. You only need about one foot of space where the corner meets to fit a corner shelf or corner bookshelf

Let your child choose their favorite shelves, or go with the 5-Shelf Wave-Like Corner Bookcase or the 5-Shelf Corner Bookcase in Cappuccino. We like these options for kids’ rooms because the rounded shelves mean there are no sharp edges. 

6. Add wall-to-wall bookcases 

room organization ideas: 24-inch Wall Shelf Black and Grey Driftwood

Maximize the storage along one of your children’s walls by adding wall-to-wall bookcases or bookshelves. By covering the entire wall, you’ll create a look similar to built-ins.

If your wall is short enough, you may be able to find or DIY shelves that run the entire length. Because books are heavy, you’ll need to install the shelves properly to ensure they can hold up to the weight of your books. 

Bookcases could be a more stable option. Many walls (and bookcases) come in standard sizes, so you can look for a bookcase width that’s divisible by your wall’s width. 

This 24 =-inch floating book shelf is easily divisible by any even-numbered wall widths, and this 36-inch bookcase will fit six-, nine-, or 12-foot walls. If you end up with a couple inches of wall on either side, you can follow this tutorial to install molding and cover the gap. 

Older kids can help with this project, but little kids will have to sit this one out. You can have the little ones practice putting their books in alphabetical order while you work on your DIY project

7. Use the full height of the room 

Vertical space is your best friend in a small bedroom. Declutter your kids’ room by adding shelving close to the ceiling. One to two feet below the ceiling, add a wall shelf. You can install it along one wall, or have it wrap around the crown of the room, depending on how much extra storage you need. 

Because these shelves will be out of reach most of the time, they’re best for storing seasonal items that you only need to access once or twice a year. While you install the shelves, ask your kids to sort through their things and set aside their off-season clothes and items they need but only on rare occasions, like extra blankets

Add these items to wicker baskets. Then, place the baskets on the shelves for a stylish storage solution.

8. Use curtain rods to hang more than curtains 

There are lots of ways to use wall space in a small room. For hanging storage that’s surprisingly chic and easily accessible from your kids’ height, mount curtain rods or a peg board on the wall. Then, add hanging baskets where your kids can keep small items, like art supplies. 

This space-saving organization hack allows you to keep desk and dresser drawers free for other things.

9. Get more out of your dresser drawers 

Franco 5-drawer Gentleman’s Chest Weathered Sage

If it feels like you don’t have enough dresser drawers to organize all your kid’s stuff, add some drawer dividers. This might sound counterintuitive since dividers take up space, but when you include drawer organizers you can actually get more out of every drawer. You can now wrangle socks and underwear into their separate sections instead of having to sift through a drawer that’s overflowing with both. 

One of our favorite organizing tips for small spaces is to be intentional about your furniture choices. Replacing a traditional dresser with a piece that offers a wider variety of storage options can help you get organized. 

For example, this Franco 5-Drawer Gentleman’s Chest has both large and small drawers, plus a cabinet, and a hook where your kid can hang their backpack, coat, or bath towel.

Organization to make life easier

Getting our kids organized is often the hardest part of home organization. But once everything has a designated space, it will be easier for your kids to clean up — and easier for you to enforce those rules. 

If you’re struggling to make room for everything, a few carefully chosen pieces of storage furniture can help. Add bookcases, dressers, and storage-centric bed frames. Then, enlist your kid’s help to implement your favorite room organization ideas for a clean, clutter-free space.

Franco 5-drawer Gentleman's Chest Weathered Sage Franco 5-drawer Gentleman's Chest Weathered Sage - Hover

Franco 5-drawer Gentleman's Chest Weathered Sage

2-basket Upholstered Accent Bench Brown and Natural 2-basket Upholstered Accent Bench Brown and Natural - Hover

2-basket Upholstered Accent Bench Brown and Natural

24-inch Wall Shelf Black and Grey Driftwood 24-inch Wall Shelf Black and Grey Driftwood - Hover

24-inch Wall Shelf Black and Grey Driftwood

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