5 reasons you need a sectional sleeper sofa, plus 3 options

April 30, 2021

5 reasons you need a sectional sleeper sofa, plus 3 options you’ll love

For a multifunctional piece of furniture that has as much style as substance, it’s hard to beat a sectional sleeper sofa.

For a multifunctional piece of furniture that has as much style as substance, it’s hard to beat a sectional sleeper sofa.

A sectional sleeper sofa is one of the most functional and versatile pieces of furniture you can own. By day, a sleeper sectional provides comfortable seating for family and friends. By night, it can transform any room into a cozy haven, perfect for hosting overnight guests in a pinch. It’s an ideal upgrade to anyone’s living room furniture. 

Learn more about the benefits of owning a sectional sleeper sofa and discover a few of our favorite sleeper sofas that could work for your own space.

What is a sectional sleeper sofa?

A sectional sleeper sofa is one of many convertible sleeping options to use in your home. It can transform from a sectional sofa into a bed with a few quick adjustments. This is ideal for areas that you don’t usually use as a guest room and for small spaces that require adaptability.

As you shop for a sleeper sectional, you’ll likely notice the terms sofa bed and sofa sleeper used interchangeably. There’s a difference between the two, though. Here’s what you need to know: 

  • Sofa beds are generally designed to lay flat and turn into a bed, but they do not include a mattress. 
  • Sofa sleepers typically feature a mattress hidden beneath the seat cushions that folds out into a more traditional bed. 

A sectional sleeper sofa can be either a sofa bed or a sofa sleeper. Most include tucked away mattresses, but some transform into a bed using the sectional pieces for convenience.

What sets the sectional sleeper apart from standard sofa beds and sofa sleepers is that it has multiple sections. These sections allow you to change the layout and sometimes the size of the sofa. 

Some sectionals include a reversible chaise lounge that you can use on either end of the sofa. Others can transform from a small loveseat to a large L-shaped sofa when you add new sections.

Top 5 benefits of a sleeper sectional 

If you’re looking for an alternative sleeping solution that’s stylish, practical, and comfortable, sleeper sectionals take the cake. Though we’ve already touched on some of the benefits simply by describing what a sectional sleeper sofa is, let’s take a closer look at a handful of advantages that sectional sleeper sofas can add to your place. 

1. Space-saving

The most obvious benefit of having a sleeper sectional is multifunctionality in a small space. You can use a sectional sleeper to get around space limitations whether you live in a studio apartment or multi-level home. And with average home sizes decreasing every year, space-saving furniture is in high demand. 

By saving space and covering both the seating and sleeping solutions with one piece of furniture, you’ll have more room to add other furniture and decor. 

2. Comfortable

Sofa beds and sleeper sofas have a bad reputation for being uncomfortable, but you might be surprised at how wrong this is. Today’s options feature supportive mattresses and cushions that provide high levels of comfort, quality, and durability. Your grandparent’s basement pull-out bed or futon might have been nightmarish, but things have changed. 

You can trust today’s furniture to provide a different experience for you and your guests. Many of today’s pull-out beds even feature memory foam mattresses. Plus, you can replace the mattress with a new one if you find it uncomfortable. 

3. Versatile

A sectional sleeper sofa combines two highly functional pieces of furniture to create even more versatility. You can add one of these beauties to any living space, turning your home office, living room, playroom, or even RV into a welcoming guest room. 

Sleeper sectionals come in various styles, materials, and colors, so you won’t have any trouble finding one that fits in seamlessly with your existing interior design. What looks like a simple faux leather sofa or loveseat turns into a comfortable bed in minutes. 

4. Saves you money

A bed and a sectional for the price of one piece of furniture? Yes, please. A sectional sleeper sofa is an affordable solution for quickly furnishing a small apartment, guest room, or any other space without sacrificing style or quality. 

And if you choose a pull-out couch with a replaceable mattress, you can upgrade it just by replacing the mattress instead of maxing out the credit card with all new furniture. 

5. Adds an element of fun

Kids love sectional sofa beds, and many adults do too. There’s something fun about turning your couch into a bed for a sleepover. You get to stack the throw pillows to the side, rearrange the room a bit, and turn a hangout zone into a cozy sleeping space. 

If you host friends or younger family members, they’ll appreciate a comfortable sleeper sofa to spend the night on. 

3 dreamy sectional sleeper sofas

Whether you’re upgrading your living room for better accessibility or you want to ditch the air mattress for something comfier, we have you covered. Check out these fantastic options that could be a perfect fit for your home. 

1. Gus Sleeper Sectional Sofa

Gus sectional sleeper sofa

The Gus Sleeper Sectional Sofa is beautifully designed and exceptionally versatile, making it a solid choice for any living space. You’ll love the elegant, classic look created by the plush seat and back cushions. The track arms add a linear look to the silhouette, making it an excellent fit for transitional and mid-century modern spaces. 

This sofa bed features stunning charcoal upholstery, giving the traditional tufted back cushions a more updated appeal. It comes with two accent pillows that you can tuck away in the lift-top storage chaise, where you can keep bedding for your overnight guests. When you pull out the hidden trundle unit, the sectional rearranges to provide a nearly queen-size sleeping surface. The cushions feature pocket coil springs for ultimate comfort.

2. Everly Reversible Sleeper Sectional

 Everly Reversible Sleeper Sectional

The Everly Reversible Sleeper Sectional will add contemporary glamour to any space. With a bold black faux leather base and comfy cushions with grey upholstery, this reversible sectional rocks a funky, two-tone look. You’ll enjoy the supportive armrests and plush seating that make it perfect for casual entertaining. It also features a versatile built-in sofa chaise for easy, comfortable lounging.

This sofa bed easily converts from a sofa into a bed to accommodate your overnight guests. It features an almost full-size sleeping surface, and the reversible chaise allows you to switch up your lounger from left to right facing so it can better fit your living space. 

3. Tess L-Shape Sleeper Sectional

Tessa L-shape sectional sleeper sofa

This Tess L-Shape Sleeper Sectional will bring contemporary style vibes to any space. It features grey microfiber upholstery to add elegance to any living room. This multi-piece sectional can seat up to eight guests in any compact or spacious room. You’ll enjoy superior comfort with pocket coil seating designed to prevent sag. 

Your guests will be delighted to find that your L-shaped sectional features a hidden queen-size innerspring mattress and a memory foam pad. As a bonus, this beautiful sofa comes with three patterned throw pillows designed to complement the grey microfiber upholstery. 

Ready to add versatility and comfort to your space?

It’s hard to go wrong with a sectional sleeper sofa, especially if you’re working in a small space. Remember to measure the area you’re decorating and choose a sectional that’ll fit in well with the room that you have available. 

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet, check out Coaster Furniture’s entire catalog of futons and sleeper sofas. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find something you love.

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