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May 14, 2021

7 Sheesham wood furniture pieces worth swooning over

As beautiful as it is durable, Sheesham wood is a surefire way to add instant panache to your place. Discover the finer details of this timeless favorite along with several pieces you'll love.

As beautiful as it is durable, Sheesham wood is a surefire way to add instant panache to your place. Discover the finer details of this timeless favorite along with several pieces you'll love.

Sheesham wood is a popular hardwood tree treasured for its durability and unmatched beauty. It has long been valued by furniture makers in India and is now found around the world. If you’ve spent much time browsing wood furniture, you’ve probably seen Sheesham pop up on your screen on more than one occasion. 

In this guide, you’ll learn the finer details of Sheesham wood and how it stands out from other types of wood. You’ll also find a handful of our favorite pieces of high-quality Sheesham furniture that will instantly update your space. 

What is Sheesham wood?

Sheesham wood: Townsend Sheesham Dining Table Grey Sheesham

Also known as Indian rosewood or Dalbergia sissoo, Sheesham is a fast-growing, sturdy, deciduous tree. In India, Sheesham wood is known by various names, including Shisham, Shishan, Sisso, and Sisu. Compared to other types of wood, it’s often the more affordable and long-lasting option. 

The Sheesham tree grows in the Indian subcontinent across the sub-Himalayan region, extending from the Indus River to Assam in the east. The forests where this tree grows stretch across Punjab, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Assam. 

In the Indian state of Punjab, Sheesham ranks second only to teak wood in timber cultivation. The natural wood grain ranges from dark brown to golden brown with darker streaks that give it a striking luster. The heartwood (found at the center of the tree) tends to be darker and more robust than the sapwood (the outer portion of the tree trunk), but both are prized. 

Benefits of Sheesham wood

In addition to its beauty, Sheesham wood is prized for its innate resistance to natural decay, making it ideal for woodcarving. Sheesham also doesn’t split or warp, which is why it’s an excellent candidate for cabinets and other woodworking projects. It features a high oil content, making it naturally water-resistant, and high tensile strength thanks to the tight grain. 

Sheesham also stands out from other types of wood in that it offers high resistance to dry-wood termites. The grain is well defined, and each piece of Sheesham furniture has its own unique coloring. Sheesham wood is also used for making musical instruments, boats, outdoor furniture, tobacco pipes, and ornate carvings. 

Sheesham wood: 7 ways to update your home

The appeal of Sheesham wood furniture goes beyond its quality and lasting durability — it also gives wooden furniture an unmistakable elegance. Under direct sunlight, the natural wood grain glows to express a reddish-brown hue. The wood readily accepts wax and oil, so each piece features a smooth, radiant finish. 

​No matter what your particular home decor style is, Sheesham wood can enhance and elevate your interior design. Here are seven options to help you find a perfect match.

1. Wooden Square Coffee Table in Natural Sheesham

Sheesham wood: Wooden Square Coffee Table in Natural Sheesham

This Wooden Square Coffee Table is made from natural Sheesham wood, giving it a rustic appeal that’s perfect for modern farmhouse decor. Its understated aesthetic and eye-catching square block-style would also suit a contemporary living room.

This coffee table is made from solid, high-quality Sheesham wood. The wood grain is unique with an earthy charm and beautiful layered wood grain characteristics. This table’s low profile design is excellent for small spaces, and the elegant cross-section base can give any room a Zen-like quality.

2. Persia 6-Drawer Storage Coffee Table

Sheesham wood: Persia 6-Drawer Storage Coffee Table

The Persia 6-Drawer Storage Coffee Table is a beautifully handcrafted piece of wooden furniture with a stately silhouette and easygoing rustic style. The dramatic wood grain accents add classic character while the pared-down design keeps things clean and tidy. 

This table features a warm, light natural finish and a generous array of drawers for ample storage space. The smooth-gliding drawers give the table a touch of style with cool, cut-out handles. 

3. Paloma Rectangle Dining Table

Sheesham wood: Paloma Rectangle Dining Table

This elegant Paloma Rectangle Dining Table is handmade from grey Sheesham wood. The wood features an eye-catching natural grain pattern that infuses this Craftsman-style dining table with rustic allure. The alternating colors between dark brown and grey spread across the spacious tabletop, perfect for showcasing a delicious array of culinary delights.

Complete the solid wood set with the matching Paloma Rectangle Bench. The dining table and bench are crafted with care and finished with a grey Sheesham luster that can fit in with almost any space. 

4. Keats Rectangular Dining Table

Keats Rectangular Dining Table

The Keats Rectangular Dining Table is an understated beauty featuring a warm reddish-brown chestnut finish. It’s crafted from solid Sheesham wood and is perfect for transitional style homes with its blend of both rustic and modern elements. This high-quality table would also work wonderfully in a contemporary farmhouse setting. 

Complete your set with the Keats Rectangular Wooden Bench or mix and match your dining chairs as you see fit. This table is also offered in a counter-height option to suit casual dining spaces. This counter-height variant works well with the Mindo Backless Counter Height Stool, made from Sheesham wood and iron for lasting durability. 

5. 2-Door Accent Cabinet

2-Door Accent Cabinet

Handcrafted in India with a blend of natural wood colors, this 2-Door Accent Cabinet is a study in style and substance. The gold hardware and geometric base give it aesthetic flair and durability, instantly capturing attention in any room. The cabinet features two large doors and a single interior shelf, perfect for neatly arranging and storing your valuables. It’s made from a blend of acacia and Sheesham wood with hand-painted doors and a smooth finish. 

If you’d like to bring more of this look into your home, complete the set with this larger matching 2-Drawer Accent Cabinet. Both cabinets are handmade from natural wood. 

6. 2-Door TV Console

2-Door TV Console

This 2-Door TV Console is a stylish piece of high-quality furniture that’ll bring transitional style into any space. It’s stained in a dark grey shade that accents the natural golden brown layering colors in the Sheesham wood. 

This console comes with one stationary shelf and two doors accented with complementary-tone metal hardware. The metal accents give it a sophisticated appeal that’s sure to draw the eye in any living or entertainment room. It can accommodate a maximum TV size of 55″ and a maximum TV weight of 220 pounds. 

7. 2-Drawer Wine Cabinet

2-Drawer Wine Cabinet

Introduce dramatic wood grain accents and rustic character into any space with this elegant 2-Drawer Wine Cabinet that’s handmade from natural Sheesham wood. Crafted in India with tongue and groove construction, this chic piece seamlessly blends form and function. 

It features room for 21 wine bottles, making it perfect for today’s wine connoisseurs. This cabinet also has two drawers on high-quality wood glides to tuck away the essentials. The hardware is finished in modern black, and the crisp, clean silhouette gives this classic piece a transitional allure. 

Bring Sheesham wood into your home

With so many gorgeous options to choose from, you can see how easy it is to add Sheesham wood furniture to your space. Whether you choose one or a few pieces, Sheesham wood is one of those materials that seamlessly fits into any interior style to create a cohesive design with a nod to natural beauty.

If you’re still looking for the perfect piece for your home, check out Coaster Furniture’s full selection of Sheesham wood furniture where you’ll find dozens of options to suit your style.

coaster-living-room-Samira-Wooden-Square-Coffee-Table-Natural-Sheesham coaster-living-room-Samira-Wooden-Square-Coffee-Table-Natural-Sheesham-hover

Samira Wooden Square Coffee Table Natural Sheesham

coaster-coffee-tables-living-room-Esther-6-drawer-Storage-Coffee-Table-Natural-Sheesham coaster-coffee-tables-living-room-Esther-6-drawer-Storage-Coffee-Table-Natural-Sheesham-hover

Esther 6-drawer Storage Coffee Table Natural Sheesham

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