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October 4, 2022

Double the design: 5 small bedroom ideas for twins

These room ideas will provide the interior design inspiration you need to create a space that’s double the fun for your two little ones.

These room ideas will provide the interior design inspiration you need to create a space that’s double the fun for your two little ones.

Having twins is like getting two for one — until you realize you also have to get those two to share one room. But while your dynamic duo may have been sharing things since conception, that doesn’t mean it always goes smoothly.

If you can carve out enough space for each kid to feel like they have something that’s truly their own, then you can design a shared twin bedroom that works for your two individual kids — not just your one set of twins.

With the right pieces of furniture, you can even create a shared bedroom that matches your home decor. We’ll share our five best small bedroom ideas for twins and the pieces of furniture that will help you pull off these looks. Each of these ideas will help you carve out extra space and make room for two, even in the smallest of rooms.

5 small bedroom ideas for twins

These room ideas will provide the interior design inspiration you need to create a space that’s double the fun for your two little ones.

1. Loft beds

Small bedroom ideas for twins: Jenner Twin Futon Workstation Loft Bed Black

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Use. Your. Vertical. Space.

Your twins’ bedroom may be small in terms of floor space, but if you think vertically, you can nearly double the size of the room. A loft bed leaves all of the floor space under the bed open, so you can fit twice as much into your bedroom design.

Use the space beneath to add storage furniture, create a study station and give the kids their own home office, or design a lounge area for fun hangouts. If you hang a curtain around the bottom of your twin’s loft beds, you can even give each child a private escape. (After sharing a womb and a room, they can probably use a little alone time.)

Here are our favorite loft beds to add to a shared bedroom.

2. Beds with trundles

Small bedroom ideas for twins: Granger Twin Captain’s Bed with Trundle Rustic Honey

Having twins means double the fun — and potentially double the sleepovers. Make room for both of your kids and their friends by incorporating a bunk bed or single bed with a trundle.

A trundle bed slides out from under the bottom of the bed, adding an extra mattress instantly. If you choose standard twin beds with trundles, both of your twins can invite their bestie to stay the night. You’ll have a full house with a four-kid sleepover, but with the help of a trundle, you’ll have space for it all — even in a small bedroom.

Here are some stylish trundle beds to complete your kids’ bedroom makeover.

3. Full-size bunk beds

Flynn Twin over Full Bunk Bed Weathered Brown

If your whole house is small (not just the kids’ room), then you may need to use your twins’ room as the guest room when grown-up guests, like the grandparents, come to visit. While your twins may be excited to camp out in the living room for a few days, your adult guests might be less excited to climb up into bunk beds.

Make your kids’ bedroom double as a proper guest bedroom by choosing a bunk bed with a full- or queen-size mattress on the bottom bunk. As a bonus, this could stop your twins from arguing over who gets the top bunk. With the person who sleeps on the bottom getting a bigger bed, both bunks will start to look equally appealing.

Here are three stylish bunk beds that feature a larger mattress on the bottom.

4. Daybeds with built-in storage

Small bedroom ideas for twins: Wrangle Hill Twin Storage Daybed Gun Smoke

Daybeds are an ideal way to create a multi-purpose space. They offer the twin functionalities of a bed and a seating area. If you opt for two twin beds, they can line opposite walls, or you can place them side-by-side. With the beds pressed up against each other in the middle of the room, the headboards will serve as a room divider, giving each twin their own space.

By choosing a daybed with built-in storage, you can get everything you need out of a single piece of furniture. Storage drawers built into the bed frame take the place of a dresser, and bookshelves built into the headboard take the place of a bedside table, giving your kids somewhere to put their glass of water and their favorite chapter book.

Here are two daybeds that offer ample storage.

5. Bookcase-lined walls

Bed with a bookshelf as a headboard

One of the fastest ways to add storage to a small space is to line the walls with bookcases. And in the case of a kids’ room, where the beds are often pushed up against the wall, adding a bookcase between the sides of the beds and the walls will give you enough storage to skip the dresser and toy chest.

Place the bed up against the bookcases, and you’ll create the appearance of a stylish headboard or built-in shelves. You can even use a bookcase as a room divider to give each of your kids their own side of the room. Arrange the bookcase so that it juts out into the middle of the room, dividing the bedroom space in half. Then, add a few baskets to the bookshelves to help your kids stay organized.

In the interest of safety, mount any kids’ room bookcases to the wall — just in case your kids get a little too adventurous and try to climb the shelves.

Here are our picks for tall bookcases to line the walls of your twins’ room.

Start decorating on the double

With these five small bedroom ideas for twins, you’ll be able to carve out twice the space for beds, toys, games, and clothes. Your twosome will feel like they have enough room even in one small shared room.

The key is incorporating storage anywhere you can. Look for beds with built-in drawers or beds that leave you with plenty of floor space for fun, games, or additional furniture. Then, incorporate bookshelves to maximize your storage space.

To start your twin’s bedroom makeover, head to your local Coaster Furniture store to find the perfect pieces to match your home decor and your twins’ individual styles. We hope this redesign is twice the fun!

coaster-bedroom-Flynn-Twin-Over-Full-Bunk-Bed-Weathered-Brown coaster-bedroom-Flynn-Twin-Over-Full-Bunk-Bed-Weathered-Brown-hover

Flynn Twin Over Full Bunk Bed Weathered Brown

Flynn Collection

coaster-living-room-Wrangle-Hill-Twin-Storage-Daybed-Gun-Smoke coaster-living-room-Wrangle-Hill-Twin-Storage-Daybed-Gun-Smoke-hover

Wrangle Hill Twin Storage Daybed Gun Smoke

Wrangle Hill Collection

coaster-bunk-loft-beds-kids-bedroom-bedroom-Wrangle-Hill-Twin-Over-Twin-Bunk-Bed-Gun-Smoke coaster-bunk-loft-beds-kids-bedroom-bedroom-Wrangle-Hill-Twin-Over-Twin-Bunk-Bed-Gun-Smoke-hover

Wrangle Hill Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed Gun Smoke

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