10 small loveseat designs that bring big style to your space

November 14, 2023

10 small loveseat designs that bring big style to your space

Snuggle up, buttercup — let us introduce you to 10 small loveseats that will make your home extra stylish and cozy.

Snuggle up, buttercup — let us introduce you to 10 small loveseats that will make your home extra stylish and cozy.

A small loveseat is the perfect excuse to cuddle closer to your loved ones. But getting cozy isn’t the only reason to add this petite seat to your space.

With a smaller footprint than a traditional sofa, a loveseat can replace a sofa in a small living room. It can also provide extra seating in a home office, family room, or bedroom with space for additional furniture but not enough for a sprawling sectional sofa.

And if you’ve just upgraded from a small apartment to a home with a larger living area that looks empty with only a small sofa, adding a loveseat can help you fill your living space without replacing the living room furniture you already own.

Yes, there are a lot of reasons to love a small loveseat. But before you can fall head over heels, you must meet the right seat for your space. Let us introduce you to 10 small loveseats that will make your home extra cozy and stylish.

10 small loveseats made for two

Traditionally, the difference between sofas and loveseats has been the number of seats or cushions — specifically, 3-seater sofas and 2-seater loveseats. After all, loveseats got their amorous nickname because they could fit two people who wanted to get cozy. That’s how they got their modern-day nickname, but that’s not actually what they were designed for. They were originally made to accommodate the elaborate, oversized dress of 17th-century noblewomen.

While most loveseats still feature two cushions, the modern movement toward oversized furniture has meant you can often fit three people on today’s extra-large loveseats (and up to five on an oversized sofa). No thanks.

Not only are oversized loveseats less cozy (and cuddly!) than small loveseats, but they also have a large footprint that’s made for only the largest of living rooms. If you want furniture for a small space, then you need a more traditional loveseat sofa — one that’s made for two.

These 10 small loveseats will comfortably seat two people and easily fit into a small living room. They’re also available as part of living room sets with matching sofas and accent chairs.

1. Bowen Upholstered Track Arm Tufted Loveseat

Small loveseat: Bowen Upholstered Track Arms Tufted Loveseat Beige

This mid-century modern loveseat brings a tailored look to your living room. Its track arms, welt seems, and square cushions prove that boxy can be beautiful. Tall tapered legs add to its elegant and modern appeal.

This performance fabric loveseat is easy to care for with wipe-clean upholstery that’s ready for life’s little messes. It’s available in two neutral colors — grey or beige — to match any home decor.

2. Gano Sloped Arm Upholstered Loveseat

Small loveseat: Gano Sloped Arm Upholstered Loveseat Navy Blue

For a different take on mid-century modern decor, the Gano Loveseat brings a little color to your living room. This piece still features the clean lines of mid-century furniture with its channel-tufted back cushions and attached seat cushions, but it adds a little flair to your clean-lined design with flared and tapered armrests.

It also features tapered wood legs with a solid wood frame and sinuous spring cushions for a sturdy, supportive design. The woven blue upholstery is the perfect fabric to complete your blue sofa living room design.

3. Rainn Upholstered Tight Back Loveseat

Small loveseat: Rainn Upholstered Tight Back Loveseat Latte

The curved backrest on this piece is the furniture equivalent of a hug. (And it’s just so appropriate to get a hug from a loveseat!) Made with bouclé upholstery, the Rainn Loveseat features a soft, looped yarn texture. Even with its neutral color, the texture will add visual depth to your space.

The curved silhouette gives it a nature-inspired shape that’s ideal in organic modern decor or minimalist design. This loveseat includes two matching throw pillows with a neutral boho print to complete your living room design.

4. Acton Upholstered Flared Arm Loveseat

Small loveseat: Acton Upholstered Flared Arm Loveseat Teal Blue

This piece is the perfect compromise between a tailored track-arm loveseat and an armless loveseat. The flared arms open up into the room around you while still giving you a supportive place to rest your head.

The Acton Loveseat incorporates elements of mid-century modern design with extra emphasis on creating a casual and comfortable space. The dark teal upholstery establishes a rich color palette for your living room and holds up to everyday use.

5. Tilly Upholstered Track Arms Loveseat

Small loveseat: Tilly Upholstered Track Arms Loveseat Oatmeal

For a sophisticated modern home, the Tilly Loveseat features luxe design elements that make it worthy of any contemporary space. Its thin metal legs contrast dramatically with the lighter upholstery.

The clean lines of this loveseat’s track arms and straight-back cushions give the piece a tailored finish. The attached cushions keep it looking neat and feature pocket coil support for your comfort.

The fabric features a herringbone texture that adds visual depth to the earth-toned upholstery, which is available in oatmeal or sage. This piece will pair beautifully with any minimalist, organic modern, or transitional style home.

6. Glenn Cushion Back Loveseat

Glenn Cushion Back Loveseat Light Grey

With contoured English armrests and rounded bun legs, the craftsmanship that went into the Glenn Loveseat takes us back to a simpler time. This design manages to be both elegant and unpretentious. It would make a welcoming addition to a French Country, modern farmhouse, or shabby chic living room.

The Glenn Loveseat features a linen-like upholstery with reversible seat cushions to keep the upholstery looking fresh for longer. It has a solid wood frame and comfortable high-density foam cushions. Plus, it includes two houndstooth accent pillows to complete the look.

7. Thatcher Upholstered Button Tufted Loveseat

Thatcher Upholstered Button Tufted Loveseat Brown

This faux leather loveseat puts a mid-century spin on the classic Chesterfield sofa. The microfiber faux leather fabric is soft and supple, and the high back and sides create the feeling of a cozy escape. It’s like a living room fort for adults.

The grid-tufted back and welt accents give your fortress of solitude (or duo-tude) an upscale finish. Plus, the solid wood frame and wooden legs ensure your loveseat will last.

8. Roxanne Upholstered Flared Arm Loveseat

Roxanne Upholstered Flared Arm Loveseat Platinum

For a traditional style home, the Roxanne Loveseat adds old-world elegance with its brown wood legs and solid wood trim. That trim contrasts beautifully with the light grey fabric and draws the eyes up to elegant rolled arms.

This piece features a solid wood frame, reversible seat cushions, throw pillows, and high-density foam. So it’s timeless and designed to stand the test of time.

The foam cushions are made from environmentally friendly polyol, a soy and caster bean-based material. You can rest easy, knowing you’ve made the right choice for your home and the environment. (Now that’s something to love!)

9. Rilynn Upholstered Track Arms Loveseat

Rilynn Upholstered Track Arms Loveseat Brown

Another irresistible mid-mod piece, this tailored track-arm loveseat proves there’s beauty in simplicity. It features clean minimalist lines but gets a dramatic dose of style from its seams. Diagonal seams at the base draw the eyes up and a center seam subtly divides the seat cushion in two.

The seat features pocket coil construction for support, and the base is made with an innovative frame-within-a-frame design for added stability. Tapered wooden legs add elegant support and the reversible back cushions allow you to adjust them to your liking. This piece is available with grey or brown upholstery.

10. Holly Tuxedo Arm Tufted Back Loveseat

Holly Tuxedo Arm Tufted Back Loveseat Black

The Holly Loveseat adds glam style to any space. This black velvet loveseat has an elegant tuxedo silhouette with a tufted backrest. It features gold metal trim that shines against the black velvet fabric. The thin, tapered gold legs add to the sophisticated appeal for an irresistible upscale design.

This velvet loveseat offers style and substance with sinuous spring supports and foam cushions, ensuring you and your loved one will want to sink into it.

Big love for small seats

Sometimes, people use the word small like it’s a bad thing. But when it comes to furniture, small can be a very good thing. Small is cozy. Small is easy to find space for. And small is easy to love.

A small loveseat can bring you and your loved ones closer by creating the perfect space for two to cuddle up. (Or for one to spread out.) When you add a small loveseat to your living space, you can create a comfy seating arrangement for a small apartment, carve out a sitting area in a bedroom or another unconventional room, or add more seating to your not-quite-full living room.

But before you buy a loveseat, you should make sure you’re getting a piece of furniture you’ll love for years to come. The best way to do that is to shop in person. When you shop in person, you can try out loveseats and find a piece that feels as good as it looks.

coaster-living-room-Tilly-Upholstered-Track-Arms-Loveseat-Sage coaster-living-room-Tilly-Upholstered-Track-Arms-Loveseat-Sage-hover

Tilly Upholstered Track Arms Loveseat Sage

coaster-living-room-Thatcher-Upholstered-Button-Tufted-Loveseat-Brown coaster-living-room-Thatcher-Upholstered-Button-Tufted-Loveseat-Brown-hover

Thatcher Upholstered Button Tufted Loveseat Brown

Thatcher Collection

coaster-living-room-Rilynn-Upholstered-Track-Arms-Loveseat-Brown coaster-living-room-Rilynn-Upholstered-Track-Arms-Loveseat-Brown-hover

Rilynn Upholstered Track Arms Loveseat Brown

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