Small master bedroom ideas: 3 steps to create a dreamy esca

December 4, 2020

Small master bedroom ideas: 3 steps to create a dreamy escape

Don’t let a lack of square footage keep you from having the bedroom of your dreams. Discover small master bedroom ideas to transform your space into a stylish sanctuary.

Don’t let a lack of square footage keep you from having the bedroom of your dreams. Discover small master bedroom ideas to transform your space into a stylish sanctuary.

If you thought it wasn’t possible to turn a small master bedroom into a dreamy escape, think again. You just have to be strategic with your furniture and bedroom decor.

While not having much floor space may feel constricting at first, look at it as a fun challenge for your inner interior designer. Not all small master bedroom ideas will work if your room lacks square footage, but you don’t have to limit yourself to an all-white or minimalist color palette either.

There are several decor styles that complement a small space, including a bohemian layered look or a more classic approach.

No matter what style you choose, it’s possible to make even the smallest space feel like a luxe retreat as long as you follow these three simple steps.

Step one: Establish a realistic plan for your small master bedroom ideas

Small master bedroom ideas: Camille bedroom set grey and metallic mercury

Even if your bedroom is already fully furnished, pretend you’re starting from scratch. If you act as though you’re just moving into your new space, you can let your imagination run wild. Collect inspiration online to see what you value most in your bedroom. You may find that it isn’t the lack of space that’s the problem, but rather it’s narrowing down small bedroom ideas to suit your style.

First, measure the dimensions of your room to get a clear idea of how much space you have. Then, look at the furniture you already have to see if anything needs to be replaced.

Is your dresser too tall? Do your side tables take up too much space by the bed? Can you store things under the bed to free up more floor space? Knowing what you need to replace is essential for making the most of your small master bedroom ideas.

Next, consider how much natural light your bedroom gets. A room with a lot of natural light may be better suited for a light and bright color palette, but a darker paint color scheme in a small room adds depth, even in rooms with less light.

If you do opt for white or light-colored walls, consider an accent wall in a darker paint color as a focal point. If the accent wall is opposite the doorway, it will draw your eye to the back of the space. The darker color gives a visual path for your eye to follow, giving the illusion of a deeper room.

Assess your available storage space and what you truly need to store in the master bedroom. For instance, if your room doesn’t have a closet, you may need to accommodate by buying a storage piece like a bedroom dresser or wardrobe. This may limit how much space you have for other furniture pieces and decor.

While starting from scratch isn’t necessary to create a lovely space, it will help you come up with more creative small master bedroom ideas than you might otherwise. In fact, if you know you want to repaint the space, it’s the perfect time to move everything out and assess the functionality and fit for current and future pieces.

Step two: Buy the right furniture

Small master bedroom ideas: Bancroft demi-wing upholstered queen bed grey

Now that you have inspiration and plans to implement your small master bedroom ideas, it’s time to find the ideal pieces. Buying the right furniture can make big home decor dreams come true even in tiny bedrooms.

First things first: the bed. How big of a bed frame do you realistically need? A small master bedroom may not be the best place for a California king, so perhaps a queen bed frame meets your sleeping needs. To make the most of your small space, get the smallest bed frame that’s comfortable for sleeping.

As far as design choices for your bed, it depends on the other furniture in your space. If you absolutely need a larger dresser or other furniture for storage, you may want to go with a simple platform-style bed. A platform bed has enough room underneath to allow for under-bed storage, saving you prime floor space. You can also get a storage bed with built-in drawers and opt for a smaller dresser to make the most of limited square footage.

If you don’t need extra storage space, you may choose to design around the bed as a focal point. In this case, a matching headboard and footboard will make a statement and give your room a classic look.

Small master bedroom ideas: Bowfield queen velvet upholstered bed blue

After you decide on the bed, you can fill in the rest of the room around it. For instance, while you may not have space for two dressers, adding a storage cabinet at the end of the bed is an option that won’t take up as much room.

If you don’t have enough space for separate bedside tables, utilize shelving above the bed for table lamps and other nighttime necessities. One space-saving hack is to opt for plug-in sconces above the bed for a clean look.

Another factor to consider is that some small master bedrooms have little to no extra closet space. To store your clothing and other necessities, you may have to place your clothing in an armoire or use a hanging rack. You can also go for a DIY closet approach and use a combination of shelving and hanging racks, integrating your clothing into the design of your space for a unique furniture look

Step three: Make it your own

Camille queen button tufted bed cream

While your room may be perfectly acceptable at this stage, going the extra mile will help turn it into the escape you deserve. Revisit the inspiration you gathered in step one to see what else you want now that your room has a fresh coat of paint and some space-appropriate furnishings. This is where you’ll see your small master bedroom ideas come to life and shine.

A great place to start is an area rug. Since you already measured your space, the only thing you have to decide is the look and feel you want for a rug. The rug can help you decide the direction for the rest of your decor, like your bedspread and wall art.

One benefit to a small master bedroom is that rugs for the space will be less expensive. You can even opt for smaller rugs throughout the room or layer them on top of one another for a unique, eclectic approach.

Another feature to have fun with is lighting. A dramatic chandelier probably isn’t in the cards for a tiny room, but what about a stunning floor lamp? If you prefer a minimalist approach, you can forgo a standard bedside table and add a floor lamp in its place.

Dorian upholstered full bed black

Finally, you can take your retreat to the next level by adding in comfy throw pillows and other decor. When it comes to wall art, gallery walls and oversized paintings both work incredibly well in smaller spaces. If you have an accent wall, why not up the ante even more and decorate it with your favorite piece (or pieces) of art?

Keep in mind that bedspreads, window treatments, and smaller furniture pieces are easy ways to switch things up to keep your room feeling fresh. If you have other mementos and items you want to display, wall shelving will keep your room free of clutter and maximize your space.

Time to relax in your small bedroom retreat

Applying these small master bedroom ideas will not only make your room look its best, but they can also make living in a limited space feel better. There’s no reason you can’t design a bedroom that will make each night feel like a special escape.

Create a plan and dial in your inspiration as a foundation. Then, measure your space and choose the appropriately sized furniture. Adding personal touches will turn your bedroom from a place to sleep into a dreamy escape that you look forward to returning to at the end of each day.

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