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January 3, 2021

How to pick a small sectional sofa for a small space

Many modern apartments have room for a small sectional sofa, it’s just a matter of finding the right one. Our guide will show you how.

Many modern apartments have room for a small sectional sofa, it’s just a matter of finding the right one. Our guide will show you how.

A small living room doesn’t have to cramp your style. No matter how much (or how little) square footage you have, creating a living room you love — complete with a small sectional sofa — is possible. That’s right, the small space sectional exists, and it’s perfect for today’s tight living quarters.

In the United States and around the world, apartments and urban dwellings are getting smaller by the year, and so are houses. Tiny homes and micro apartments are also trending — and for good reason. Today’s generation often prefers flexibility and an affordable home to a 30-year mortgage. But you don’t have to sacrifice style in small spaces.

We’ll help you find the best small sectional sofa (along with some other living room furniture) for your home. Contrary to what you might think, you don’t have to stick to tiny furniture even if your home is humble in size.

Take a look at your living room

Designing a small living room requires a bit of planning. Before you buy furniture and home decor, you’ll need to measure your living space. If you have existing living room furniture that you’ll be using, measure that too.

Write down the dimensions of your living space and those of existing furniture. If you’re feeling crafty, you can sketch a quick floor plan or grab an app to do it for you. But you don’t have to be an artist to design a family room that you love. You just need to know what fits.

Once you know how much room you’re working with, you’re one step closer to lounging on your new small sectional sofa. Next, you’ll need to figure out what furniture you want. You already know that you want a sectional couch, but what else do you need?

Knowing what you plan to fit in the living room helps you get a better idea of how large your sectional can be. If you want some help, you’ll enjoy our article on furniture for small spaces.

Here’s a quick list of living room seating area basics if you’re not sure what you want yet:

  • Futon or sleeper sofa
  • Loveseat or chaise lounge
  • Recliner or armless chair
  • Storage ottoman
  • Coffee table
  • Sectional set with attached chaise
  • Sleeper sectional

You definitely don’t need all of these. If you’re in a small apartment, you might only want two or three of these. Sometimes less is more. And in this case, fewer pieces of living room furniture means more room for your sectional.

Plus, a few of the above options can be combined. For example, how about a sleeper sectional with a storage ottoman and an attached chaise lounge?

Picking the best small sectional sofa

light gray small sectional sofa with black and white stripe pillows

Once you know what size your living room is and how much furniture you want to fit in it, you’ll have an idea of how large your sectional can be. You might only have room for a two-piece sectional, but many small spaces can accommodate a three-piece sectional.

Sectionals are often multifunctional, offering both hidden storage and a spare sofa bed in some cases. Some even allow you to add modular expansions if you move into a bigger place.

Most small sectionals are between 80″ and 100″ wide and 36″ to 40″ deep. Depth is measured from the back of the sofa to the end of the seat cushion. A chaise sofa may have a depth ranging from 60″ to 85″, measured from the back of the sofa to the end of the chaise. To compare, larger sectionals may be between 100″ and 130″ wide and 90″ to 120″ deep.

You may want a reversible sectional that can switch between left-hand facing and right-facing. This is a common feature of L-shaped reversible chaise sectionals. For example, you could change the chaise from the right side to the left side, freeing up the right-arm side for a new layout with a snack table.

Don’t forget the accents

small sectional sofa with a table accent

If you want your new sectional sofa to be the focal point of your room, accents are crucial. You can completely transform a living room in minutes with just a few additions.

Throw pillows

Throw pillows can make a huge difference in sprucing up your home decor, but don’t add too many since you’re working with limited space. Four to five throw pillows are usually enough. Pick varied patterns and textures to make the space more visually appealing, and stick to your color palette for a cohesive design.


A chunky throw blanket can also add a luxurious dose of texture to a faux leather or leather sofa. Microfiber, chenille, and linen upholstery also look lovely with throw blankets. Pick something you’ll want to snuggle up with when you’re feeling cozy.


End tables and snack tables make it easy to upgrade your living room. A well-placed table can take a small apartment living room from ho-hum to elegant. Snack tables are particularly useful in small apartments where they can double as a dinner table.

What if I want a bigger sectional?

If you dream of lounging on a big, comfy couch, all hope is not lost. Measure carefully and play with different furniture arrangements on paper to see what you can fit. A bigger sectional might mean not getting a loveseat or reclining chair right now, but it evens out since you’re adding more seating.

Adjusting your arrangement could let you upgrade from a two-piece sectional to a three-piece sectional. Try putting the couch up against one corner of the living room by the wall. This maximizes your small space to fit a bigger sectional.

Sometimes, though, you won’t be able to fit a bigger sectional until you have more room. In this case, opt for a modular sofa so you can expand it later. Also, think about depth. Deeper seat cushions can make your sofa feel larger when you’re lounging. And most small sectional sofas feel surprisingly large when you’re sitting on them.

Small sectional sofas you’ll love

There’s one last step before you buy your new sofa. Don’t worry, it’s a fun one. It’s time to browse your options so you can pick the sectional of your dreams. Keep reading to see a few of our favorites, complete with new arrivals and best sellers.

McLoughlin Upholstered Sectional

McLoughlin upholstered small sectional sofa with four throw pillows

This stunning modern sofa can perk up any living room. It features low-profile legs, luxe upholstery, and a reversible storage chaise that adapts to any small space. The seat and back cushions are fully reversible and super comfy for lounging. It also comes with four throw pillows in coordinating fabrics to instantly punch up your space.

Churchill Button Tufted Corner Sofa

Churchill Button Tufted small sectional sofa

This modular sectional offers luxurious comfort and convenient versatility. It’ll look sophisticated as the focal point of any large or small living room. You’ll enjoy stretching out on the soft, built-in chaise or relaxing on the comfy cushions. You can choose how many modular pieces you attach to your sectional based on your individual room layout.

Everly Reversible Sleeper Sectional

gray Everly Reversible Sleeper small sectional sofa

This glamourous L-shape modern sofa bed features a contemporary two-tone look with plush seating and supportive armrests. It easily adjusts into a spacious bed to allow for overnight guests and features a built-in chaise for versatility and comfortable lounging. You’ll get the look of a leather sofa thanks to the black faux leather base and the stability of a solid wood frame.

Nicolette Upholstered Tufted Sectional

dark gray Nicolette Upholstered Tufted Sectional

Update your family room with this reversible dark gray sectional. With a linen trim along the sloped arms and cushions, tufting-inspired details on the back cushions, and thickly tapered legs, it’ll elevate any small space. This sofa features mix-and-match modular pieces, allowing you to create your ideal layout with three unique configurations. Coordinated throw pillows are included with the sectional piece and you can purchase a matching chair to complete the sofa set.

Nashua 2-piece Reversible Sectional With Storage Ottoman

Nashua 2-piece Reversible Sectional with storage ottoman

This reversible two-piece sectional is an excellent addition to any space. Enjoy reclining on the chaise or lounging in comfort on the removable back and seat cushions. For convenience, it includes a hidden storage compartment in the ottoman underneath the chaise. This sofa set also includes an encased solid wood frame for stability and heavy use.

Narrot Track Arm Sectional

Narrot Track Arm Sectional Sofa

Treat yourself to an elegant leather sofa that will bring both comfort and style into your space. (It would look particularly stylish with mid-century modern decor.) With sumptuous leather upholstery, wide armrests, and thick, plush seats, you’ll be lounging in premium comfort. It features stylish thin nickel legs for a visually-striking contrast and a chaise-style seat on one side. Though it’s not reversible, this modern sofa includes memory foam padding and a solid wood frame for lasting durability.

Claude Tufted Modular Sectional

Claude Tufted Modular Sectional

Grab this tufted modular sectional if you plan to expand when you move into a larger space. You’ll assemble it with the corner, armless chair, and ottoman pieces. This lets you make a regular sofa, an L-shape sofa with a chaise lounge, or even a U-shaped sofa if you have the space. With dark gray microfiber upholstery, it’ll transform your living room into a relaxing haven.

Time to upgrade your living room

A pint-sized apartment or tiny home can be a cozy, comfy haven when you find the right seating arrangement. After a long day, we want you to look forward to coming home and curling up on your new sectional. Check out Coaster Furniture’s full selection of large and small sectional sofas for more inspiration before you buy.

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