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January 28, 2021

Cool teen bedroom ideas: 10 ways to get inspired

Decorating a teenager’s room is challenging, but you can make it easier with these fun teen bedroom ideas. No matter what your teen’s personality is, these designs are sure to be a hit. 

Decorating a teenager’s room is challenging, but you can make it easier with these fun teen bedroom ideas. No matter what your teen’s personality is, these designs are sure to be a hit. 

Whether it’s a large or small space, your teenager’s room is probably one of the toughest interior design challenges in your home. But with some cool teen bedroom ideas, this otherwise daunting task can become a delightful project. 

A teen’s room is where your child retreats from the world to escape grown-up rules and demands. It’s a space that’s solely theirs, which is important when approaching adulthood, and it should be customized to their interests and needs. 

This quick and easy guide will give you the DIY tips and tricks to create a bedroom that you and your kid will love. We’ve also highlighted some of our favorite comfy bedroom designs for even more inspiration. Whether you’re planning a bedroom makeover because your teen has outgrown their old room or you’re starting from scratch, these ideas offer plenty of inspiration.

How to determine the best teen bedroom design ideas 

teen bedroom ideas: Boyd Full Upholstered Bed With Nailhead Trim Charcoal

When it comes to teenagers, there’s no one-size-fits-all design. Some teens want bunk beds while others want a more grown-up bedroom set. One teen might want a bean bag while another has their eye on a huge bookshelf, and many will want both. So what do you do? Thankfully, you can usually find the answer by simply asking them questions and observing how they use their space. 

What’s their style?

Your teen’s style will tell you a lot about what they’d consider a cool bedroom. Their clothes can serve as a guide to create the perfect color scheme, for example. If your teen loves clothes with bright colors, the chances are good that they’d enjoy a bright bedroom color palette. Favorite bands, shows, and hobbies can give you ideas for fun decals or wall art, too. 

Since teen interests are always changing, it’s a good idea to ask them what they’d like in their room. If you’re here because you already tried that and got a less than helpful response, try pulling up pictures of different bedroom designs and decorating ideas you think they’ll like, and ask for their opinion. You can also get their feedback on pictures of different decorating styles, like modern, industrial, glam, boho, and luxe. 

What functionality do they need?

Think about your teen’s study and relaxation habits and how much stuff they have. This will point to functionality needs. Most teens will need a desk to study and do their homework, but if you’re looking for cool teen bedroom ideas, go a little deeper. 

Consider what your teen does for fun. Is your teen a console gamer? If so, they’ll probably want a couch or futon and a TV stand. If they’re a PC gamer, look for a spacious desk. Does your teen love to take pictures? A multi-picture frame or gallery wall could be a fun way to encourage their creativity. 

If your teen frequently has friends over, this plays into functionality too. They might have more fun with a spare bean bag or hanging chair, and maybe a bunk bed for friends to stay over. 

Planning your teen’s bedroom: 5 steps to get started

teen bedroom ideas: Littleton Twin/Full Bunk Bed Grey

After considering your teen’s style, interests, and needs, it’s time to start planning their new bedroom. The trick is to add necessary pieces without cluttering the space. To make it easier, we’ve listed the staples below:

  • Bed
  • Workspace and desk
  • Hangout area
  • Storage
  • Entertainment

Less is usually more (and it’s definitely more affordable), so approach the following sections with a minimalist mindset no matter what style they prefer. 

1. Out with the old

If you’re doing a makeover, such as transforming a young kid’s room into a teen’s room, the first step is to remove the outdated stuff. Try to see the bedroom through your teen’s eyes and take out everything that feels too “little kid” or just isn’t what they’re into anymore. Most stuff will probably need to go, but some storage solutions or home decor accents can probably stay. 

Do your best to create a clean slate to work with. And if you’re already working with an empty room, skip this step. 

2. In with the bed

Next, you’re ready to pick the perfect bed for your teen’s room. If you’re working with a small space, look for space-saving options with extra storage or functionality. For example, try a loft bed with a desk or futon underneath it or a bed frame with drawers for clothes. 

Look for a bed that your teen will enjoy relaxing in after a hard day at school or their summer job. Now could be the time to upgrade from a twin to a full bed if your teen has been feeling cramped. Decorate the rest of the room around the bed to make it easier. 

3. Add some storage

The right storage options can make even a small bedroom feel larger. From closet organizers to dressers, make sure your teen has enough room to properly store their clothes and belongings. 

Think beyond standard storage solutions and consider personal options, too. If your teen reads a lot, a bookcase is a must. If they collect anything, you’ll probably want shelving options for display. Depending on your kid’s interests, they might also enjoy an instrument stand, display case, game cabinet, or crafting table. 

4. Make room for comfort and functionality

With the issues of storage and sleeping out of the way, it’s time to consider comfort and functionality. Look for ways to merge the two and customize everything to your teen’s interests as much as possible. And remember, most teen rooms double as a living room, so comfort counts.

A comfy seating area to serve as a hangout zone and/or gaming spot is ideal if you have space. A desk gives your teen a quiet, distraction-free zone to study and do their schoolwork while doubling as a PC gaming zone. 

5. Finish with personal accents

Add personal accents that represent your teen’s personality. This can take a teenage bedroom from boring to cool in minutes. We’ve listed some ideas below to help you find the perfect bedroom decor accents for your teen:

  • Throw pillows
  • String lights
  • Strip lighting
  • Edge wall decor
  • Wall panels 
  • Canopy curtains
  • Posters
  • Black lights
  • Fog machine

5 teen bedroom ideas you (and they) will love

Still need some inspiration? We have you covered. Below are some of our favorite options, each of which is based around a bed. If you’re still not sure what your teen wants in their room, review these ideas with them to get a better sense of what they like (and don’t like). 

1. Daybed luxury

teen bedroom ideas: Phoenix Twin Daybed With Bookcase And Storage Drawers Cappuccino

This look is based around the Phoenix Twin Daybed with Bookcase and Storage pictured above. A daybed can make your teen’s room feel more relaxing and versatile. Plus, with spacious drawers and a lighted shelving unit attached, your teen will have plenty of storage space for their stuff. 

If you’re not sure about the daybed look, check out the Phoenix Twin Bookcase Bed with Underbed Storage. It provides the same functionality and storage solutions with a more “traditional” look. 

Either bed goes well with options including:

2. Modern and mature

teen bedroom ideas: Leclair Full Metal Bed Black And Silver

The Leclair Full Metal Bed pictured above forms the basis for a sleek, stylish teen bedroom idea. With black leatherette on the headboard and a cool silver finished frame, this curved beauty is perfect for the modern teen boy or girl. 

No matter how sleek and mature your teen wants their room to look, check out teen room decor ideas for inspiration. Framed posters, eye-catching accent chairs, string lights, throw pillows, and more can help complete the look. 

Try pairing this bed with options such as:

3. Boho beautiful 

Belton Twin/Twin Bunk Bed With Canopy Champagne

This one’s perfect for a tween or teen girl’s room, but plenty of teen boys would like this too. The Belton Twin Bunk Bed with Canopy pictured above is sweet and charming with a house-like structure. It comes with linen canopy curtains and touch-activated, three-stage LED lights for a gentle glow. 

The curtains provide a sense of privacy for your teen, and the whole look would go great with string light accents on the walls. Try pastel colors and look for boho-inspired bedroom decor to complete the look. 

You might pair this bed with options such as:

4. Loft bed

Parkview Full Workstation Loft Bed Black

Most teens love loft beds because of the sense of privacy they provide, and the Parkview Full Workstation Loft Bed is no exception. With a hip design, full-length guard rail, and modern workstation, this bed provides comfort and functionality in one. Loft beds are perfect for small rooms since they stack two necessary elements into one space. 

You might add canopy curtains for a teen girl’s bedroom, but many teen boys also prefer curtains, and they come in all colors. If your teen already has a desk they love, or if they want a bunk bed to have friends over, try the Montgomery Twin over Futon Bunk Bed instead. 

Try pairing pair this bed with options including:

5. Matching bedroom set

Dorian Bedroom Set Brown And Dark Cocoa

For the teen who just wants the basics, matching bedroom sets work well. The Dorian Bedroom Set is one of many bedroom set options you can choose from. It comes with a matching nightstand, dresser, and mirror, with smooth edges and deep metallic hardware. 

This option can work well in large or small rooms. Add a desk, some accent chairs, and possibly a TV stand to complete the look, and don’t forget personalized accents like wall panels, canopy curtains, posters, black lights, and more. 

Some options to consider adding to this set:

Ready, set, go! 

Decorating your teen’s bedroom may seem like a tedious task, but you’ll be more than prepared with these handy tips. Remember to base everything around their interests and needs, and stick to the essentials so their room doesn’t become cluttered. 

For more inspiration, check out Coaster Furniture’s full selection of kid’s bedroom furniture. You’re sure to find plenty of options you and your teen will love.

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Jenner Metal Twin Futon Workstation Loft Bed Black

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