5 Toddler Girl Room Ideas on a Budget: Furniture, Decor, and

August 24, 2022

5 Toddler Girl Room Ideas on a Budget: Furniture, Decor, and More

It's possible to design your little girl’s room with her interests and your budget in mind. Try these toddler girl room ideas on a budget.

It's possible to design your little girl’s room with her interests and your budget in mind. Try these toddler girl room ideas on a budget.

We know you want your little girl’s bedroom to be as cute as she is. But we also know you’re busy saving for preschool (not to mention college), plus buying new clothes at every growth spurt (and it seems like there are a lot of growth spurts at this age). In the grand scheme of household budgets, the “make the bedroom cute” budget is at the bottom of the list.

But with a few low-cost bedroom decorating ideas, you can make a big impact on your little girl’s room design — without it breaking your budget. We’ve rounded up five toddler girl room ideas on a budget. From picking out money-saving essentials like bedroom furniture to making the room fun for your little one, these ideas work for every budget and every home decor style.

5 toddler girl room ideas on a budget

Toddler girl room ideas on a budget: Fultonville Twin Metal Tent Bed Pink

These toddler girl bedroom ideas are all budget-friendly. We’ll start with the big idea, then we’ll share all the different ways you can incorporate it into your toddler girl room decor. Whether you have a tomboy, a tiny artist, or a little princess, these ideas will work for your child. We’ll explain how to get each look without spending a lot of money in the process. Here are five ideas to add to your little girl’s bedroom.

1. Scale it down to toddler size

One of the principles of the Montessori Method of education is to make sure everything in your kid’s room is kid size. By choosing pieces that are the right height, size, and scale for your toddler, you’ll make everything easier for them to use and interact with.

It’s easy to embrace this principle without blowing your budget. You can start the bedroom makeover by hanging wall decor at your child’s eye level instead of your own. Then, choose low-to-the-ground furniture. Instead of a full-size dresser, you might use a low TV stand that only comes about 18 inches off the floor. That way, your little girl can access everything in her space without using a step stool or asking for grown-up help.

2. Choose a multi-purpose bed

Toddler girl room ideas on a budget: Wrangle Hill Twin Storage Bed Gun Smoke

The one thing every bedroom has in common is a bed. It’s the most important piece of furniture in the room, and if you choose wisely, it can play the role of multiple pieces of furniture at the same time. Every kid’s bed should do double duty as either a play area, storage space, or sleepover space. This will allow you to buy fewer pieces of furniture overall, which can save your budget.

Look for a toddler bed with an imaginative design, like a tent-shaped bed frame or a fairytale carriage frame, and it will be the perfect place for your little one to play make-believe.

To add storage space, choose a bed frame with built-in drawers. You can use the drawers as toy storage or let them take the place of a dresser — it’s a great space-saving option for a small room. Some bed frames even offer storage headboards, which can take the place of a bookcase and ensure your little girl’s bedtime stories are always within reach.

If your little one already has lots of little friends, you can add a second bed for sleepovers by choosing a bunk bed or a day bed with a trundle. While a toddler may be too little for the top bunk of a bunk bed now, it’s the perfect place for older cousins who come to visit, and it will last for years as your little girl and her friends grow into it.

3. Set up a reading nook

Little kid happily reading a book

Every child’s room needs a reading nook. By setting up a special place for your little one to spend time with books, you’ll help build a life-long love of reading, create a place for you and your little girl to create fond memories with bedtime stories, and encourage independent play.

A reading nook can be as simple as a floor poof and a set of bookshelves hung at toddler height or a short bookcase so your little girl can reach every book on the shelf. Place it in a corner to create a cozy escape. And if you want to set it off from the room even more, you can add a child’s play tent or hang a canopy.

4. Use your vertical space

When you only look at a room in terms of floor space, it can fill up quickly. But when you consider the entire room, you’ll notice there’s a lot of space up top. Make use of your vertical space by adding room decor at the tops of the walls and on the ceilings. It will have a big interior design impact and inspire your child’s imagination.

Remember that anything hung up high will be out of your little one’s reach. Reserve this space for things your little girl will enjoy looking at but won’t need to touch or hold. A few budget-friendly ceiling decor ideas include hanging fairy lights, or adding branches and twigs with bird and butterfly figurines perched on them. You could also make floating clouds out of cotton filling and hang airplane figurines. Or you could paint the ceiling to look like a night sky.

5. Add an accent wall

Scandinavian-styled kids' room

Another way to get creative with your little girl’s room decor is to add a fun design to the walls. This idea is inexpensive as you’ll just need a few new paint colors to create a focal point that elevates your room design.

One of our favorite kid’s bedroom ideas is to paint a focal wall with chalkboard paint. Once it dries, your little girl can doodle all over the wall with standard chalk.

You can also design an abstract wall mural by taping off different shapes with painter’s tape and painting each one a different pastel shade. Rainbows and clouds are easy to paint freehand or you could use a wall stencil to create a professional look at a low cost.

If you’re not up for a DIY painting project, you can achieve a similar aesthetic with decals or wall stickers. Or you can create a gallery wall by hanging a variety of family photos and homemade wall art. For a boho girl’s bedroom idea, make garland out of felt pom poms and string. Then hang it across the length of the wall.

In bedroom decor, it’s common to put an accent wall behind the headboard of the bed. But if you put the accent wall opposite the bed, your toddler will be able to look at the art anytime she lounges on her mattress.

Transform your toddler girl’s room

Toddler girl room ideas on a budget: Jones Twin Bed White

Your little girl’s room should be designed with her interests and your budget in mind. Start with the big stuff by adding multifunctional furniture like a toddler bed with dresser drawers built in. This will allow you to buy fewer pieces of furniture, which will save you money and save more floor space for playtime.

To make the room more functional for your little girl, think little. Hang wall art at your child’s eye level, make toys and books easy to reach, and add low-to-the-ground furniture that your daughter can access all on her own. (Your little one will be feeling like a big kid in no time!)

Next, add a few details to inspire your child’s imagination. Set up a reading nook, add an accent wall, and hang some room decor from the ceiling. Your little girl’s bedroom will feel like a magical place full of fun and adventure.

Once you’ve decided on your favorite toddler girl room ideas on a budget, head to your local Coaster Furniture store to find all the pieces you need to create an adorable (and affordable) design.

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