Top 5 TV stands with storage for a clutter-free living room

June 27, 2024

Top 5 TV stands with storage for a clutter-free living room

Looking for the best TV stands with storage to keep your space organized and stylish? Explore space-saving solutions and buyer's tips for every decor.

Looking for the best TV stands with storage to keep your space organized and stylish? Explore space-saving solutions and buyer's tips for every decor.

You can’t go wrong with a TV stand with storage drawers in your living room. Depending on your space, you might want a large entertainment center with options to hold all your devices and collections or a more minimalist TV console with just enough storage to tuck away remotes and clutter.

Regardless, this article features a list of our newest and best-selling TV stands with storage options to help you find the perfect upgrade for your living room.

The power of the modern TV stand

Modern TV stands are more than pieces of furniture to hold your screen. They serve as powerful design elements that can enhance and elevate the aesthetic of any living space. Here are a few examples of how to use a TV stand with storage to upgrade your home:

  • Living room: A TV stand with storage serves as a media center for your living room, turning it into a perfect hangout spot for family, friends, and solo nights. Bonus points if you snag one that lets you swivel the screen based on where everyone is sitting!
  • Bedroom: If you’re like most of us, you probably watch TV in the bedroom sometimes (no judgment!), so why not grab a TV cabinet to make it an experience you look forward to at the end of the day? You’ll also score extra storage to make it easier to organize your bedroom.
  • Bathroom: A small media stand is perfect for holding a screen you can enjoy in the bath, whether for spa vibes or a chance to pamper yourself and watch your favorites. The best part is that a TV stand with storage gives you places to tuck away spare towels, essential oils, and other relaxation must-haves.

Our top 5 TV stands with storage space

Depending on your TV room, you might want an entertainment center with enough storage for multiple game consoles or something with adjustable shelves to allow for memorabilia. Whatever the case, the options highlighted below should get you started.

1. Jupiter Media Console With Framed Glass Panels

TV stand with storage: Jupiter 4-door 79″ TV Stand Media Console with Framed Glass Panels Black

If you have a large flat-screen TV, the Jupiter Media Console might be the perfect focal point for your living room. This 79-inch TV stand has plenty of storage space, plus the option to add a Jupiter 3-Shelf Bookcase With Storage Cabinet on either side for extra room for media essentials. It boasts a sleek silhouette with a bold black finish and can support TVs up to 85 inches.

2. Marsden 2-Door Wood 70″ TV Stand

TV stand with storage: Marsden 2-door Wood 70″ TV Stand Charcoal Black

The Marsden 2-Door Wood TV Stand is 70″ long and stands out with a dramatic charcoal gray finish. It boasts two side compartments for game consoles, streaming devices, and general media storage, plus slide doors for cable management and organization.

3. Valna Rectangular TV Stand With Sliding Doors

TV stand with storage: Valna Rectangular 71″ TV Stand with Sliding Doors Walnut

If you’re looking for a mid-century modern centerpiece, the Valna Rectangular 71″ TV Stand With Sliding Doors will make a perfect addition to your living room. It features a walnut brown finish that’ll bring a warm and inviting glow to any room and accommodates TVs up to 80 inches. It also has ample storage space for everything from remotes and consoles to children’s toys and magazines.

4. Keese 2-Door With Storage Shelves

Keese 2-door 70″ TV Stand with Storage Shelves Mango Brown

The Keese 2-Door 70″ TV Stand With Storage Shelves stands out with a masterful blend of form and function. It’s a perfect modern farmhouse TV stand with roomy storage shelves and a tactile herringbone parquet design made from exquisite mango wood, ideal for adding texture to your space.

5. Angela 2-Door Wooden TV Stand

Angela 2-door Wooden 67″ TV Stand Brown and White

Do you love coastal, cottage, and farmhouse aesthetics? If so, the Angela 2-Door Wooden TV Stand might be the perfect match with its breezy look and brown and white finish. This versatile piece is spacious and equipped with plenty of storage solutions, complete with adjustable shelving inserts and a large slide-out drawer.

Tips for picking a suitable TV stand

Madra 2-door Engineered Wood 79″ TV Stand Dark Pine

Picking a TV stand with storage is an investment. You’re choosing something to keep your living room orderly and create a space that brings you joy. Sure, you need something to hold your TV up, but you also want something with storage space, aesthetic appeal, and functionality.

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect option.

Take careful measurements

Measure your existing furniture and the room you’re designing so you know exactly how much space you have. Here are some tips to make life easier:

  • Outline the dimensions of the TV stand with masking tape on the floor to get a better visual of how much room it will take up. Taping out your floor plan is a pro trick to ensure everything fits just the way you want it to. 
  • If you’re shopping for other pieces of living room furniture (e.g., sectional, coffee table, console table, electric fireplace, etc.), outline their dimensions on the floor in masking tape as well.
  • How tall is the ceiling in this room? Does it allow for something taller, or should you consider height when shopping?

Choose the right shape

Think about the shape of your room, and pick your TV stand accordingly. Here are some questions that might help you decide on the best fit:

  • Do you have a long living room that calls for a large rectangular TV stand?
  • Would you like a tall, stable TV stand to break up an open-concept floor plan?
  • Are you working with a small space that would benefit from a compact corner TV stand?

Buy for your style

Consider the current aesthetic alongside your ideal interior decor and pick a TV stand to match. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help find the right fit:

  • Do you have a favorite interior design style that you’re working toward? For example, maybe you’re a big fan of mid-century modern decor and want something with tapered legs, natural materials, and clean lines.
  • Is there a color scheme you’re working on? For example, would a glossy white TV stand work well with your high-contrast black-and-white living room design?
  • Are you looking for something cozy like a fireplace TV stand for a modern farmhouse chic space?
  • Would you prefer something with open shelves or concealed storage?

Pick materials intentionally

Pick the materials for your TV stand or entertainment center intentionally. This can help you narrow down what you’re looking for. Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Do you want a solid wood TV stand? Or would you prefer something made from lighter materials for improved accessibility and convenience?
  • Should you avoid glass doors because of large dogs or an active family in the home?
  • Could your space benefit from LED lights for game nights or another aesthetic feature?

Ready to upgrade your viewing experience?

Anita 1-drawer Engineered Wood 60″ TV Stand Cappuccino

Trust us, once you’ve seen how a TV stand with storage can transform your space, there’s no going back. If you’re still looking for the perfect match, check out Coaster Furniture’s full selection of TV stands, entertainment centers, sideboards, and dressers for hundreds of additional options.

When you’ve chosen your favorite, use our store locator to find a nearby retailer with your TV stand in stock for convenient pickup and delivery options. Happy shopping!

coaster-living-room-Jupiter-4-door-79 coaster-living-room-Jupiter-4-door-79

Jupiter 4-door 79" TV Stand Media Console with Framed Glass Panels Black

coaster-living-room-Valna-Rectangular-71 coaster-living-room-Valna-Rectangular-71

Valna Rectangular 71" TV Stand with Sliding Doors Walnut


Keese 2-door 70" TV Stand with Storage Shelves Mango Brown

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