Twice as nice: 11 twin bedroom ideas for a two-bed design -

March 7, 2023

Twice as nice: 11 twin bedroom ideas for a two-bed design

Make the most of your space or choose decor that will dazzle — with these twin bedroom ideas, you'll get two times the design in your guest or kids' bedrooms.

Make the most of your space or choose decor that will dazzle — with these twin bedroom ideas, you'll get two times the design in your guest or kids' bedrooms.

The twin bedroom is a timeless classic. It makes a great guest bedroom layout, especially if the majority of your guests are single adults (like your best gal pals), kiddos (like your favorite niece and nephew), or adults with kids.

This layout is also a natural for two siblings who share the same room. And it works great for an only child who hosts a lot of sleepovers or likes to share their room with the family dog. 

Once you’ve decided on a twin bedroom layout for your kids’ room or guest room, there are plenty of ways to make this classic design feel modern and fresh. Try these 11 twin bedroom ideas to complete your interior design and make this style your own.

11 twin bedroom ideas to update a timeless style

There’s something about the symmetry of two twin beds that captures our eyes and our hearts. People are naturally drawn to symmetry — even science says so — so two twin beds arranged along the same wall is a great place to start your bedroom design. But there are a variety of other layouts that can help you fit two twin beds into small or uniquely shaped spaces, and may add visual interest to your room design.

While twin bedrooms naturally make us think of kids’ rooms (and couples from 1950s sitcoms), this bedroom style can work for a variety of purposes. The twin bedroom ideas below work equally well for a shared bedroom as they do for a guest bedroom. They’ll help you figure out the ideal bed arrangement, storage solutions, and bedroom decor for your space so you can create a design that’s twice as nice.

1. Twin bed frames with storage

Twin bedroom ideas: Wrangle Hill Twin Storage Bed Gun Smoke

When you’re trying to fit two beds in one small room, it may not leave enough floor space for a dresser. By choosing twin beds with built-in drawers like the Wrangle Hill Twin Storage Bed, you can carve out room for storage, even in a small space.

2. Twin loft beds

Twin bedroom ideas: Jenner Twin Futon Workstation Loft Bed Black

The loft bed is one of our favorite bed designs for a shared bedroom. Loft beds leave the floor space below the bed open, so you can add a dresser, desk, or lounge chair. (Or you can choose a loft bed that already includes all three of these things, like the Jenner Twin Loft Bed.)

If you’re decorating a shared kids’ room, you can even put a curtain around the bottom of each loft bed to give each kid their own private space. The added privacy will make it easier for your kids’ bedroom to transition into a teen bedroom, so this design will stand the test of time.

3. Two sets of twin bunk beds

Twin bedroom ideas: twin bunk beds

Using two single beds isn’t the only path to symmetrical style. Two twin-size bunk beds — like the Anson Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed — will take up the same amount of floor space, add the same symmetry to your interior design, and sleep twice as many people.

Two twin bunks are a great solution for a guest bedroom, especially if you often host large groups of friends and family or if you’re decking out a rental property like a mountain or beach house.

4. Two double beds

Twin bedroom ideas: two beds in a room

While most twin bedrooms feature twin beds, you can create this classic look with full-size beds as well. Using two double beds instead of two single beds can create a more comfortable guest bedroom for adults or a shared bedroom for older kids. But you’ll need to measure your room first to make sure two full-size beds plus any other furniture will fit — this is not a small bedroom idea.

5. Trundle beds

Chapman Storage Trundle White

Another way to sleep more people without deviating from the classic twin room style is to add a trundle under one or both twin beds — depending on how much floor space you have. You can find trundles to fit under twin beds, daybeds, twin bunk beds, and double beds. If you’re more in need of storage space than sleep space, you can choose a bed like the Chapman Storage Trundle, in which the trundle converts into drawers.

6. Daybeds

Olivia Upholstered Twin Daybed with Nailhead Trim

Our final bed idea for decking out your twin bedroom is to use daybeds, like the Olivia Upholstered Twin Daybed. Daybeds double as sitting areas, so they’re great for multi-functional rooms. (You can even use a daybed in place of a sofa in the living room.)

It’s easy to arrange one daybed along each wall, but you can also place them back-to-back in the middle of the room so that the daybeds act as a room divider. This is a great way to create a little privacy in a shared kids’ bedroom.

7. A toe-to-toe layout

White themed beds

The most timeless arrangement for a twin bedroom is to place the head of both twin beds along the same wall. But this isn’t the only arrangement. If you have a long and narrow room or simply an extra large room, you can arrange the beds lengthwise along the same wall and line them up toe-to-toe. You can even place a bookcase between the two beds as a room divider.

8. An L-shaped layout

2 bunk beds

Another unique layout for your twin bedroom is the L-shaped layout. To incorporate this design idea into your room, you’ll arrange your two beds so that they meet in one corner.

This is a great layout for a small room, but if it’s done wrong, you’ll end up with one person sleeping with their head next to the other person’s feet. (Ick!) To avoid this issue, choose twin beds with high headboards, like the Selena Twin Sleigh Bed. The headboard of one bed can act as a divider, giving each sleeper a little privacy.

9. Inverted color schemes

Floral themed bedroom

It’s true that symmetry is more visually appealing — our eyes can absorb it more quickly and comfortably. But asymmetry is more visually interesting — it forces us to spend more time considering the design and looking around the room. Get the best of both worlds by using a symmetrical room layout with an inverted, or asymmetrical, color scheme.

Here’s how this decor idea works. You’ll choose two colors. For example, let’s say you choose pink and green for a girls’ bedroom. For the beds, you’ll use bed linens that invert these two colors. So, one bed will have pink sheets with a green comforter, and the other will have green sheets with a pink comforter. The color scheme will add visual interest without breaking from your symmetrical bedroom design.

10. Three nightstands

2 single beds

In a twin bedroom, it can be difficult to fit a dresser. But you may find that you have room leftover after adding two bedside tables. So, add a third. Place one bedside table on the outside of each twin bed and another one in between.

The three nightstands will create symmetry — even with the odd number — which is great news for your home design because not only is symmetry visually appealing, but odd numbers are too. You can double up on interior design techniques in your twin bedroom by incorporating both!

11. Mismatched headboards

Twin bedroom ideas: nursery themed bedroom

Another way to add visual interest with asymmetry is to choose mismatched headboards. This is another twin room idea that allows you to use a classical, symmetrical layout while adding eye-catching visual interest.

You can choose headboards in matching shapes but mismatched colors, like the June Upholstered Arched Headboard in blush and ivory. Or you can choose headboards with different designs, like the Callie Metal Headboard and the Ellis Scroll Headboard. Pair it with an inverted color scheme, and you’ll have a twin room design that won’t have you seeing double.

Twinning in winning style

When you’re choosing your favorite twin bedroom ideas, the best place to start is with the beds. You can go for a classic symmetrical style with two single beds, or you can add extra storage or sleeping space by choosing bed frames with storage drawers, trundles, or bunk bed designs.

But when you want to fit two beds into one bedroom, every inch of space matters. So, head to your local furniture store (with your tape measure in tow) so you can make sure every piece you purchase is the right fit for your twin bedroom and the right match for your home decor. Now, it’s time for you to take this classic bedroom design and make it your own. Happy decorating!

coaster-beds-bedroom-Wrangle-Hill-Twin-Storage-Bed-Gun-Smoke coaster-beds-bedroom-Wrangle-Hill-Twin-Storage-Bed-Gun-Smoke-hover

Wrangle Hill Twin Storage Bed Gun Smoke

Wrangle Hill Collection

coaster-bunk-loft-beds-kids-bedroom-bedroom-Jenner-Twin-Futon-Workstation-Loft-Bed-Black coaster-bunk-loft-beds-kids-bedroom-bedroom-Jenner-Twin-Futon-Workstation-Loft-Bed-Black-hover

Jenner Twin Futon Workstation Loft Bed Black

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Chapman Storage Trundle White

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