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March 25, 2021

7 twin bunk beds that’ll upgrade your kids’ bedroom

Twin bunk beds make designing a bedroom for your little ones more accessible. You’ll save space and money while introducing a fun and engaging bedding option.

Twin bunk beds make designing a bedroom for your little ones more accessible. You’ll save space and money while introducing a fun and engaging bedding option.

Kids’ bedrooms should be practical, comforting, and fun — with space to learn, play, and grow. If you’re feeling a bit short on square footage, twin bunk beds can help you bring your vision to life. Bunk beds and loft beds capitalize on the square footage you have available, and kids seem to naturally love them. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss the benefits of decorating kids’ rooms with bunk and loft beds before exploring some of the many options available. You’ll have a space that you and your little ones adore before you know it. 

Benefits of the bunk bed

twin bunk beds: Montgomery twin over futon bunk bed glossy black

Bunk beds and loft beds are carefully designed to help create extra space in the bedroom. Whether you want your kid’s sleepovers to be more fun or you need a comfy option that allows multiple children to share one bedroom, bunk beds create ideal solutions. 

Here are some of the many benefits of kids’ bunk beds.

Save space (and money!)

A cozy bed for every child isn’t optional, so bunk beds offer you the opportunity to optimize your space. Traditional twin bunk beds stack two twin-size beds in the space that you typically need for one. 

Triple bunk beds are even more space-efficient, and loft beds can stack a mattress on top of a workstation, futon, or floor space play area. Many bunk beds include under-bed storage, and for those that don’t, you can buy a stair chest to add both extra steps and drawers to the bed.

Plus, most bunk beds don’t call for a box spring, which means there’s less to buy when setting up the bedroom. 

Encourage bonding

If you have multiple kids sharing one room, they’ll want their own space. A bunk bed is a great way to provide this extra space while keeping them together for companionship. 

With their own beds, your little ones will get to hang out and bond without bickering (at least not quite so much). Sure, they might get in arguments over who gets which bunk, but this helps them learn negotiating skills. And, they can switch whenever they want. 

Make sleepovers more fun

A bunk bed can instantly make a sleepover more fun for all kids involved. If you opt for a trundle bed, there’s always a convenient daybed to pull out when you need another sleeping spot. And if the bed has a play area underneath, one or both kids can camp out there for the night to make it feel like a special event. 

It can also make sleepovers more fun for the parents because the guest child might feel safer and more at home if they have their own bed for the night. 

Tips for designing the room of their dreams

twin bunk beds: Camouflage tent lofted bed with lower playspace army green

Once you know that you want to add a bunk bed to your kids’ room, half of the work is done. Now you just need to find a bunk bed option you love and design around it. Here are some tips to help:

  • Measure carefully: Not all bunk bed frames are the same size, even if they house the same mattress size. Know how much space you’re working with and check the dimensions on the bed frame options. This step will help you create an efficient layout.
  • Plan for functionality: Most kids’ rooms will need a bed, clothing storage, and a desk at a minimum. Extras like bookcases, chairs, a couch, or television can make the space even more functional, depending on your kid’s habits. 
  • Make it fun: No parent wants to design a room that their little one doesn’t have fun in. Try to make it engaging by keeping their personality in mind. Don’t forget to make room for toys, games, and playtime. And consider some wall art or posters to add character and stimulate their growing minds. 

If you’d like more help designing your kids’ room, check out these articles for inspiration:

7 twin bunk bed options you’ll love

Finding the right bunk bed for your kiddo’s space can help the rest of the room come together. Once you know how much space the bed takes up and what functions it fills (i.e., desk, under-bed storage, two or three mattresses, etc.), it’s easier to design the rest of the room.

Below, we’ve highlighted a range of twin bunk bed options for your consideration. With a variety of options to choose from, you’re sure to find one that the whole family will love. 

1. Belton Twin/Twin Bunk Bed With Canopy

twin bunk beds: Belton twin/twin bunk bed with canopy champagne

This Belton Twin/Twin Bunk Bed with Canopy would make a charming addition to any kid’s bedroom. With a house-like structure that sports a glam champagne finish and a tasseled linen-like fabric to create the canopy, it’s an instant retreat. The canopy and upper bunk feature touch-activated, three-stage LED lights to illuminate the canopy with a soothing glow. And, the twin floor mattress features plenty of headroom.

The top bunk has guard rails and an attached ladder for safety, and the heavy-duty frame tested up to 400 pounds on both the top and bottom will keep your kids safe. 

2. Belton House-Themed Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

twin bunk beds: Belton house-themed twin over twin bunk bed white

The Belton House-Themed Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed makes a playful, treehouse-inspired addition to any kid’s room. The sturdy white twin frame is designed with safety in mind and is tested to 400 pounds on both the top and bottom. The bottom bunk rests on the floor, and the top bunk is housed by an open panel. 

With a grey and white color palette, the neutral scheme will look great in any space. The metal frame provides all the security of a metal bunk bed with the appearance of solid hardwood construction. It houses two twin mattresses and features a ladder running down the middle for extra support. 

3.  Camouflage Tent Loft Bed With Ladder

twin bunk beds: Camouflage tent loft bed with ladder army green

This Camouflage Tent Loft Bed With Ladder is perfect for the little soldiers in your home. It features a solid metal construction that’s finished with army green camouflage. The guard rails protect against accidental falls or sibling invasions, and the tented space underneath is perfect for playing pretend. 

This loft bed houses one twin mattress, supported by slats, with a play space underneath. It comes with a ladder to allow easy access to the top bunk. There’s also a larger version that features a slide and extended tent if you have the space. 

4. Wrangle Hill Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Wrangle hill twin over full bunk bed gun smoke

The Wrangle Hill Twin over Full-Size Bunk Bed will add a touch of rustic charm to any kids’ room. This lovely bunk bed is made from solid pine, and the exposed wood grain is finished in warm gun smoke. It comes complete with full-length guard rails and a built-in ladder. 

The bed’s high and angled front legs allow you to include an optional trundle for sleepover fun. And you can add the matching Wrangle Hill 4-drawer Stairway Chest for storage and easier top bunk access. 

5. Perris Twin Workstation Loft Bed

Perris twin workstation loft bed cappuccino

This Perris Twin Workstation Loft Bed features a twin loft bunk bed with a guard rail and ladder for safety. Below is a built-in desk with a keyboard tray and seven shelves for storing everything from books and games to clocks and trophies. It’s constructed from solid wood to provide years of everyday durability, and it’s finished in rich dark espresso for neutral style. 

This bed would make a perfect centerpiece for any youth bedroom. And the space-saving twin workstation is ideal for an older child or teen who needs a dedicated homework (and gaming) area. 

6. Nickerson Twin Triple Bunk Bed

Nickerson twin triple bunk bed matte black

The Nickerson Twin Triple Bunk Bed brings a hint of Asian flair to lift the mood in any space. With a triple bunk bed frame, three twin beds can stack for space-saving functionality. The three beds can also separate into one double bunk and one single bed or three single beds — perfect for a growing family. The triple bunk bed configuration can free up serious space for bookcases, desks, and more. 

Each bed is framed with industrial-style heavy-duty steel, laminate, and MDF, creating a coordinating palette of rustic mocha brown wood and matte black metal. The top and middle twin beds feature protective guard rails to prevent accidents, and all beds are tested up to 400 pounds. 

7. Livermore Twin/Twin Bunk Bed

Livermore twin/twin bunk bed walnut

The whole family will love this Livermore Twin/Twin Bunk Bed with its elegant mid-century modern design. With a charming walnut finish and sturdy solid wood construction, it’s a perfect blend of style and safety. The wood twin bed features robust guardrails on the upper bunk, an attached ladder, and solid headboards. 

This solid wood bunk bed also separates into two twin beds for versatility, perfect for rearranging furniture or splitting the kiddos into two rooms later on. 

Find the perfect twin bunk beds

Hyde twin workstation loft bed silver

It can feel overwhelming to redecorate your little one’s room, but once the bed is squared away, everything gets easier. And if you’re feeling stumped, try asking your kid what they like. You might be surprised at how helpful it is to get their opinion before you buy. 

If you’re still searching for the perfect twin bunk beds, head over to Coaster Furniture’s full selection of bunk and loft beds. With over 100 fun options, there’s something for every home.

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